“In the kitchen, knowledge, study, and sharing are essential to achieving true gastronomic wisdom.”

Ismaele Di Blasi Inizio

1982-The beginning

I was born in Alba in 1982, in the province of Cuneo, embraced by the hills of Langa, a land of wines, truffles, and wonderful ingredients.

It is a cuisine rich in traditional recipes that reveal their significance on cold winter days, scented with truffle and must from cellars.

My grandmother’s kitchen was humble, made with few ingredients, as was my mother’s. In those few recipes, there was an entire universe of knowledge for me to explore.

My family is originally from southern Italy, but after moving to Piedmont, they never forgot the origins and traditions of their cuisine.

This fusion of two culinary worlds has influenced my style and I carry it with me to this day.

1998 – London

My first experience in the kitchen was in London in the summer of 1998. I spent the entire summer in a bustling Italo-French kitchen.

After finishing high school, I started finding my place in the restaurants of my city as a kitchen assistant.

Working in the world of hospitality and catering fascinated me. It was a place where I felt I grew every day, both as a professional and as a person.

Humility, a smile, perseverance, and hard work have been fundamental in my career.

Today, I teach all of this to young cooks who attend my cooking classes.


Ismaele Di Blasi Piemonte
Ismaele DI Blasi ALMA

2015 – ALMA

After various experiences in restaurants across Italy and years of hard work, I moved to Umbria, where I fulfilled my dream of attending ALMA.

Finally, my desire to study at one of the most renowned Italian culinary schools was realized.

Attending ALMA required a year of great sacrifice and commitment, but I still carry with me the memory of many important lessons and deep knowledge.

I completed my experience with an internship at the restaurant Principe dei Cerami in San Domenico Palace Hotel of Taormina.

As soon as I finished at ALMA, I was called for a consultancy to help open a restaurant. Subsequently, I embarked on a career path at the SPA & Golf Hotel Valle di Assisi.

2022 – The Shift

In November 2021, I decided to make a significant change in my profession.

After sacrificing most of my time in the kitchen, I felt the need to manage my time differently. I wanted to spend time with my family, be a present father, and be my own boss.

Today, I am an Italian cooking instructor at the Chef Academy in Terni and a private chef. This combination allows me to utilize all my years of study and hard work.

Facing life’s challenges has helped me never stop pursuing my goals. I’ve always approached everything with humility, determination, and great sacrifice.

I firmly believe in our duty to pass on our knowledge to the new generations and always strive to be a good example.

Ismaele Di Blasi Docente

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Italian Cooking Classes

These lessons, led by me, are a journey into the secrets of Italian cuisine.

Together, we will acquire the knowledge and techniques for preparing our traditional dishes.



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I will bring you a unique dining experience, sharing my creative, dynamic, and exquisite cuisine.

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My culinary style and authentic knowledge of Italian cuisine are the results of my studies at Alma (the most important international school of Italian cuisine) and over 20 years of experience. I will guide you on a unique gastronomic journey.



What makes my cuisine truly special is that even my simplest dishes have a sophisticated character and taste. I don’t just create a menu or a dish for you; I create an unforgettable experience to enjoy with your guests.



My intuition, presence, and perception contribute to making you feel at ease right away. Your privacy and space will always be respected. I take great care in every single moment of your special event to provide you with a complete service.

“My parents and my entire family instilled in me the values upon which I have built who I am today, both as a man and as a chef.

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